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    Arabian Construction Company (ACC) is a leading engineering and contracting company providing diversified solutions and services...


    Arabian Construction Company (ACC) is a leading engineering, contracting, Fire Fighting company in Kuwait providing diversified solutions and services in the fields of Telecommunications, I.T and Fire Fighting.

    Paid up capital: KWD. 2,725,000
    Bankers: National Bank of Kuwait
    Number of Employees: Approximately 300
    Commercial Registration No: 5428
    Located at: Shuwaikh Industrial Area Block 68, Street 8-12
    P.O. Box 176, Safat 13002, KUWAIT
    Grade "A" Contractor for Fire Fighting and Grade "A" Contractor for Fire Alarm Systems
    A Company with UL listed refilling facility for HFC 125 - HFC 227
    Certified ICT contractor from Central Agency for Information Technology (CAIT)
    Certified OSP FOC contractor from Ministry of Communications (MOC)
    Having Trade license from Ministry of Communications (MOC) for wireless devices (Radios)
    An ISO 9001:2008 certified company

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