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    welcome to

    ACC is a leading engineering and contracting company providing diversified solutions and services in the fields of Telecommunications, IT and Fire Fighting. Our company is led by a team of professionals whose experience and talent ensure we support our clients with the highest levels of commitment and responsibility. With a portfolio of hundreds of projects and a history expanding for over 50 years, we have acquired the necessary skills and confidence in handling the most demanding challenges and tasks. The quality of our work is not only reflected in our external processes but is found internally throughout our organizational structure and operations. We are continuously entrusted by government ministries, oil companies and the private sector to participate in the most exciting and challenging projects in our beloved country Kuwait, some of which we have showcased in this website.


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    Telecom Services

    Our Telecommunication Department offers its engineering solutions and technical expertise in the fields of Radio and Fiber Optic communications systems and services, ranging from networks design, project management, implementation, maintenance and support.



    ACC is a leader in the firefighting and fire alarm industry in Kuwait since the early 1960’s. We work closely with government ministries, the Kuwait Fire Department and global oil and gas companies, to provide a comprehensive range of fire protection solutions and services.



    The search for reliable IT solutions is an ongoing challenge for modern businesses. ACC multi-disciplined engineers are able to offer their knowledge and vast experience in many distinct areas in this fast moving industry.


    Distributors and Partners

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